Advisory Board

Tina Edwards, Co-Founder

Tina Edwards helps to provide the vision and direction for Painting for a Purpose’s program and collaborations, both artistic and educational. She brings 25 years’ diverse experience as an experiential educator, staff developer and facilitator. For over 15 years, Tina served as an Outward Bound instructor, and later played a variety of leadership roles in Outward Bound/Expeditionary Learning—including being instrumental in bringing Expeditionary Learning to Portland, Maine. She co-founded the REAL School, an alternative school, in Windham, Maine. Tina has served as a guidance counselor, a service-learning consultant with KIDS Consortium, a Field Associate for the National Center for Student Aspirations and an Adjunct Professor at University of Southern Maine and University of New England. She played a central role in developing a nationally-regarded youth philanthropy model with YOUTHINK, an innovative Portland youth leadership organization. Ms. Edwards holds a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education.

Jane Ellis, Co-Founder

Jane Ellis collaborates with Tina to envision and organize PFP’s artistic and educational programs and strategic connections. Jane retired in 2009 after 26 years as an educator, including nearly 20 years in Portland Public Schools. Originally a home economics teacher and health educator, Jane directed two highly regarded programs in Portland Schools. Futures 2000 was a career preparatory program. Portland Mentoring Alliance matched Portland High School students with local professional adults to establish nurturing and effective one-on-one relationships, and offered regular trainings for mentors. Ms. Ellis holds a Master of Science degree in Adult Education, Specializing in Training and Development/Counseling.

Sue Clark

Besides early work in newspaper journalism (Washington, D.C. Star, Lebanon Valley NH News and Maine Sunday Telegram), Sue Clark has held professional and volunteer leadership roles in a number of Maine non-profit organizations, public initiatives, politics and education. These include, among others, the Maine Women’s Fund, Portland Partnership, Institute for Civic Leadership, Kjeldgaard Fund, Boys to Men and Youthink, a youth philanthropy project.

Sue also served nine years on the Portland School Committee (1991-2000) and taught language arts at King Middle School and tutored at the Waynflete School in Portland after completing the University of Southern Maine’s ETEP program in 2001. As part of a signature learning expedition at King, Sue’s students produced and published the Faces of U.S.and Voices of U.S. — narratives about the coming to America stories of adult immigrants and refugees.

Certified as an Amherst Writers and Artists writing coach, Sue currently leads writing groups at several senior communities. She also serves as president of the interfaith Chaplaincy Institute of Maine. Sue is a graduate of Hollins College (now Hollins University) and holds an MS degree in Organization and Management from Antioch New England Graduate School.

Sue and her husband have three adult daughters and look forward to the arrival of their fourth grandchild this summer. They have lived in Maine since 1976.

Tracy Harkins

Tracy Harkins, of Harkins Consulting LLC, works nationally guiding educational change. Tracy provides service-learning professional development and resources to engage and motivate student learners.

Prior to starting her own consulting firm, she worked as an Education Consultant, then Education Program Manager and finally became the Executive Director of the non-profit company, KIDS Consortium.  In these positions, she created and delivered professional development programs and resources on service-learning for fourteen years. She worked with school districts, communities and state agencies as they developed policies and support structures to sustain service-learning.  Tracy co-authored three books: KIDS as Planners Guidebook, Working With KIDS: A Service-Learning Guide for Community Partners, and Integrating Scientific Practices and Service-Learning: Engaging Students in STEM.

Prior to KIDS Consortium, Tracy was an elementary and middle school teacher for 7 years. She holds certificates in mediation, conflict resolution, and facilitation, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Southern Maine, a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Southern New Hampshire, and a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management.

When Tracy is not traveling for work, she enjoys spending time at her home on Duck Puddle Pond in Maine, with her husband Scott and basenji Ginger.

Tina Mikkelsen

Tina Mikkelsen has been a board member of Painting for a Purpose for 2 years. She also has been a Community Coordinator in Portland Public School for 15 plus years; currently working at Deering High School, Hall Elementary School and Portland Arts & Technology High School supporting students and faculty in grant writing and enriching  curriculum , volunteer recruitment and connecting her schools to the greater Portland Maine community at large. Tina is a graduate of Deering High School and has a Bachelor in Science in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Southern Maine.

Tracy Floyd

Tracy Floyd is a business development professional focused primarily on market research companies. Most recently Tracy was Vice President of Business Development for The Community Roundtable, a firm focused on creating robust collaborative environments through the building of social technologies to enable worldwide online communities. These communities are the future of knowledge sharing to solve business issues.  Prior to the TheCR Tracy worked as a sales enablement consultant to the storage division of Hewlett Packard. Tracy is currently working on implementing a state wide online community for the residents of Maine as well as those who would like to become residents.

Tracy has a lifelong commitment in advocating for the youth of his community. After graduating from Plymouth University with a Bachelor of Arts, he participated in the Seacoast of NH Big Brothers program. It was within the experiences of this program that he developed an appreciation for the kind of positive impact possible on the lives of our youth through organizations like Painting For A Purpose.

When Tracy does find some down time you might see him riding his bike for the TREK Across Maine or the Eastern Trail Alliance. When not riding he is spending time with his wife Bryson and their two dogs at home in Cape Elizabeth.

Jane Krasnow

Service-Learning Educator

Jane Krasnow is a veteran program instructor at Portland Arts and Technology High School (PATHS), well-known for her service-learning enthusiasm. Jane has received several L.L. Bean grants for and training with KIDS Consortium on best practices in service-learning. Ms. Krasnow is orchestrating a service-learning project between her fashion marketing class and PFP, where students will market all aspects of the painting, auction, and grant-making process to the press, the general public and students.

Pete Sampson

Now retired, Pete Sampson has worked at various times in education, law, public relations, publications, search engine marketing and web development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, a Master of Arts degree in literature and a law degree. He serves as PFP’s webmaster and has recently returned to the classroom as Adjunct Instructor of Technical Writing and Communication at Southern Maine Community College. He enjoys comedy and a cappella singing.

Pete and his wife Marge have one adult daughter who teaches English at Bronx Academy of Letters in New York City.