About Us

Sherman the Fish

Sherman the Fish

Painting For A Purpose celebrates the power of art to bring people together and the power of young people to improve their schools and communities. We do this by:

Encouraging the civic engagement of young people by supporting them in putting their good ideas into action; and

Creating a strong community of painters to share the camaraderie and fun of painting together and to have their painting serve a greater purpose.

Encouraging the Civic Engagement of Young People

Young people in Portland, Maine have great ideas about how to make a difference in their community.  We help students make their ideas become a reality and in the process learn what it takes to make a project happen.

We offer grants of up to $500 to K-12 students in the Portland Maine Public Schools. All grants must be youth-led service learning grants. To learn more about the youth-led service learning and grant process go to Grants.

Creating a Community of Painters

Painting For A Purpose brings people together to create hand painted “whimsical”art , hosts an annual auction to sell the art and uses the proceeds to fund youth led service learning grants for students in the Portland Public Schools in Maine.

We meet weekly to paint “whimsical’ items for the fall auction. We also invite other “guest” artists to paint items for the auction. Contributors are local artists, community members, students, teachers and other interested people. For our live auction themes, we have painted chairs, stools, wooden lobsters, wooden lobster boats, mirrors, and clocks.

There is a real sense of joy in having our “art” help to do good in the world.